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Fraud Protection

CCA has evolved over time to helping not only with timeshare fraud but large amounts of successful business people who like to invest but are also being scammed on a much larger scale. Read more...

Consumer Collection Agency

This registration authorizes the holder to collect or attempt to collect consumer debts, asserted to be owed or due to another person, including third party collectors (assignee) of debts made by individual consumers.


CCA is very successful in getting not only those balances eliminated, but also in keeping any negative remarks off your credit reports. If you feel like you are buried in credit card debt, CCA may be able to eliminate these debts. Read more...

Consumer Collection Made Easy

With Experience: Over 28 years in the commercial and consumer debt collection industry.

With flexibility: Not a ‘cookie cutter’ one method approach, but a full array of services to custom tailor a cost effective recovery program to fit your individual needs and time frame.

With a plan of action: To be a constant winner with a cash flow strategy, a company must have a specific policy for management of the accounts receivable from day one, and right on through to the point that a delinquency occurs. We can help you design and implement that strategy.

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CCA Collections

CCA offers comprehensive debt collection agency services. The strength of our debt collection agency is based on vigorous and aggressive but respectful collection practices.
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Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

We deal with people whom have been defrauded in pre Ipo's, gold and silver, oil and gas and several other industries.

How to Protect Yourself

Protecting Yourself

Be wary of guarantees that sound too good to be true. Read the contract carefully. Know the costs up front and who is required to pay the fee. Research the company.
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Fraud Statistics

30 million defrauded a yr.
Web Fraud up 23% in 2013.

- Fraud Distribution -
Print (27%)
Internet (22%)
Television/radio (21%)
Telemarketers (8.4%)

75% fraud is Domestic.
Retail Fraud $100 billion.
77% of fraud not reported.

Latest Industry News

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ID theft on the rise again
Identity theft is on the rise again, says a new industry-sponsored study, reversing a promising two-year trend. Some 12.6 million Americans were victimized by ID theft in 2012, the second-highest total since the Federal Trade Commission began countin...
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